Pearly Clam Clamp
Pearly clam clamp
Series Pikmin
First game Pikmin 1
Created by Nintendo
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Pearly Clam Clamp is an enemy found in the Pikmin series, exclusively to Pikmin.

This foe is found behind a stone wall, so Olimar needs Bomb Rocks and Yellow Pikmin at his assistance. When the Pearly Clam Clamp with the ship part is in water, Blue Pikmin are needed to attack this foe. When he throws a Pikmin in its shell, it clamps its mouth shut. When it closes, it eats any Pikmin that have landed inside of his mouth. When the foes having pearls in their mouths are defeated and is carried back to the onion, the onion sprouts out fifty more Pikmin. This is tied in second with theArmored Beetle and losing to the Smoky Progg. Pearly Clam Clamp is only found at the Impact Site.


Reel notes

"Though beautiful, this mollusk's pearls are thin and fragile."

Guide Book

This is information from the guide book:

"To lure then trap creatures that are attracted to small shiny objects, the Ploister turns undigested foodstuffs into round beads with the same secretion that makes up its shell. The pearl-like substance has a layering that is thinner and weaker then a real Pearl, reducing it in value."

Ship Log

"One would expect this creature to be a mollusk of the sea, but the fact that it is also found in the forest is typical of this planet's oddities. The pearl that rests inside appears to be one of great value, but it is actually a trap."

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