Peewee Piranha

Peewee Piranha as he is seen in Super Mario Galaxy 2
Series Mario series
First game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Peewee Piranha is a Piranha Plant species boss that is the first boss found in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and is the boss of Sky Station Galaxy. He appears at the end of Sky Station Galaxy.

When first encountered, Peewee will first be enclosed inside of an egg, like Dino Piranha from Super Mario Galaxy. When Mario lands on the planet, he will crack the egg Peewee Piranha is in and release his head and legs. Peewee Piranha attacks by charging at Mario or jumping in the air and trying to crush Mario. To defeat Peewee Piranha, Mario must hit him in the behind which is covered with an eggshell that protects it. To get rid of it, Mario must Spin Attack the egg and then his behind will show for Mario to attack. Once Mario hits it, Peewee Piranha gets angry and turns red and becomes harder to defeat and Mario must attack him once again to defeat him.