The Pelican TV Turner is an accessory made by Pelican was a device that plugged into your Game Boy Advance and allowed it to become a portable TV.

This device originally sold for $79.99 USD and came with the unit itself, stand, adaptor and matching unit for hookup to other players. To start, a GBA cartridge would have to be inserted into the unit for the GBA to be able to boot it.

Channels could be changed by the D-pad.

Other Information

The sound did not come from the GBA speaker, but from a proprietary speaker on the tuner itself.

The unit was either powered by 4 AA Batteries or an adaptor.

2 models of the tuner were made. One could only work with the original Game Boy Advance due to that the side means were wider to help the tuner fit snugly into the notch behind the original GBA. A later model had a narrower slot to allow the tuner to work with the GBA SP. The tuner simply rests under the SP.

This accessory has been rendered obsolete and unusable as of July 12, 2009 due to the analog switchoff in the United States. This item was an analog only receiver.