The Pendant on the ground at Leene Square
Game Chrono Trigger
Type of item Magical pendant
Affiliation Kingdom of Guardia
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The pendant is first seen when Crono and Marle meet at Leene Square in Chrono Trigger. It has ancient magical powers.


The Millennial Fair

When Crono and Marle see Lucca's Telepod demonstration at the Millennial Fair, the pendant around Marle's neck reacts to the energy and sends them through time.

The Magic Kingdom

It isn't until Crono's party travels to 12,000 B.C. when they find out that the pendant is actually from that era. It was made from the prehistoric red rock and once belonged to Queen Zeal's daughter, Schala. They found out that the pendant could be powered up by the Mammon Machine. They do that in order to reach the Queen's chambers in Zeal Palace.

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