Series Mega Man Battle Network
First game Mega Man Battle Network
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PharaohMan.EXE is a NetNavi who is a secret boss in the first two Mega Man Battle Network games. He is the counterpart of Pharaoh Man. He doesn't have legs unlike his original counterpart.


Mega Man Battle Network

MegaMan.EXE must beat the Life Virus and reach Level 70 to fight PharaohMan.EXE. After his first fight with him in Internet Area 12, he'll reappear as a random encounter in this area from then on.

Mega Man Network Transmission

PharaohMan guards the data of the Legendary WWW area where MegaMan attempts to retrive WWW data from this area. He and MegaMan start to battle and he defeated PharaohMan, allowing him to collect the OldData.


  • PharaohLaser - PharaohMan drops a coffin that fires a laser at MegaMan.
  • PharaohAnubis - PharaohMan drops an Anubis statue that slowly damages MegaMan and it can be destroyed.
  • PharaohSummon - PharaohMan drops a coffin that summons a Ratty.

After the defeat, MegaMan will receive an Anubis battle chip or PharaohMan battle chip.

MegaMan Battle Network 2

PharaohMan appears in the WWW Area 1. He tries to stop MegaMan from advancing but he is defeated. He reappears in that area for rematches.

Other media

  • PharaohMan was powerful in the cartoon, MegaMan NT Warrior.
  • PharaohMan appears as a Zoanoroid in the cartoon, Rockman EXE Beast.