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Phoenix Wright
Phoenix Wright
Series Ace Attorney series
Species Human
First game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
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Phoenix Wright is a protagonist character from the Ace Attorney series. He has starred in 5 of the 8 games and appeared in the remaining 3.


In most entries, he wears a blue business suit with a red tie. He also has slick black spiky hair. He always wears his attorney badge on his jacket

In Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, he is commonly described like a hobo. He wears a blue beanie covering his spikey hair. He wears a gray hoodie, black pants and sandals. He also wears a pendant which carries a picture of Trucy in it.


Phoenix Wright appears in the original trilogy as the main character though he's the defendant in the first case of the third one.

In the fourth game, he acts as a defendant in the first case and a mentor for the rest of the game, giving the player hints onto what to do next. He also establishes the Juror system.

In the fifth game, he is the defense attorney of the first case, though late, the 4th and 5th cases and the DLC case which precedes all the cases in this game

In Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, he mainly handles the court cases but is sometimes involved in puzzles.

He was supposed to appear in Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom but, was dropped due to his main attack, Objection, being radically different in English due to the different characters in the word.


In Ace Attorney, he is a lucky, smart character. He's great at noticing clues and knows just when he needs to present something.

In Trials and Tribulations's first case, he is a lovestruck college student that is willing to do anything to save keep the defense off his girlfriend.

In Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice, he is disbarred and the first defendant. He tests Apollo and takes him under his indirect wing. He is sly and gives many leading questions to direct Apollo in the right way.

In Dual Destinies, he somewhat returns to his old self though more experienced and reasonable than his first years. He is still reliant on bluffing to get his way through court

Assistants and friends

Mia Fey - Mia was Phoenix's boss. She was murdered after the first case. She is also the star of the 3rd game.

Maya Fey - Mia Fey's sister. She plays as Phoenix's assistant who gets in trouble all the time.

Ema Skye - An eventual forensics detective who teach Phoenix about forensic investigation techniques

Pearl Fey - Maya Fey's Cousin. She plays as Phoenix's temporary assistant. She rarely leaves her family's village.

Apollo Justice - Apollo is a new attorney who works for Phoenix. 

Trucy Wright - Trucy is Phoenix's Daughter and Apollo's Assistant

Larry Butz - Larry Butz is phoenix's old school friend who takes part in some cases

Athena Cykes - A fresh Attorney introduced in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies that works with Wright

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