Pikmar 2

Olimar in his so called "Pikmar" shape.

Pikmar is a character in Pikmin. If Olimar doesn't get all the twenty five ship parts needed, he will try to take off, but fail. Olimar will see a short clip of the Pikmin carrying his dead body to the Onion. A seed will come out, It looks like Olimar with a Black Pikmin stem out of his helmet. He always stays in the ground. He can also be called Olimin. If you include him as a Pikmin (as well as Mushroom Pikmin and Bulbmin) there are ten kinds of Pikmin.


  • You can end the thirtieth day with pikmin extinction, however, there is a handful of Pikmin carrying Olimar to an onion.
  • Usally when Olimar is getting sucked up in the onion, fireworks come out.

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