Pikmin Endings are the possible endings in Pikmin 1. At the end of the game you get a different ending depending on if you got all 30 ship parts, or day 30 came. There are three possible endings happy, average, and bad.

Happy Ending

Pikmin 100% Ending02:36

Pikmin 100% Ending

Happy Ending

If you can get all thirty Ship parts before day 30, you get to see the happy ending. You need to beat Emperor Bulblax and get the Secret Safe back to the S.S. Dolphin. After Olimar jumps with joy it turns night time. It's End of Day, Olimar looks at the pikmin, while they tilt their heads in a direction. Then Olimar waves, then the Pikmin tilt their head in the oppisite direction. Olimar sighs, then the S.S. Dolphin sucks him in. Then the pikmin attack the Red Bulborb that walks by. Olimar flies away and many unseen color onions come out of the Distant Planet. Then is shows the Credits then the Enemy Reel afterword.

Average Ending

Pikmin Normal Ending01:37

Pikmin Normal Ending

Average Ending

This will happen anytime day 30 ends. to get this ending get at least the 25 mandatory ship parts, but not all 30. Olimar will walk to the S.S. Dolphin and take one glance at the pikmin. Then he leaves in a hurry, which is kind of sad. One Yellow, Red and Blue pikmin just stare up into the sky wondering if they will ever see Captian Olimar again. He leaves successfully though, no credits or enemy reel.

Bad Ending

Pikmin - Bad Ending02:05

Pikmin - Bad Ending

Bad Ending

You can get this by not getting the 25 needed ship parts. This is the worst possible ending you can get. Olimar will realize that he can't live any longer on the planet, when the end of day 30 came. He will try to take off with one of each type of pikmin looking up at him. The ship will spin several times, then the main engine will just explode, leading him to fall. The pikmin find Olimar's unconscious body and will carry him to the onion. that will make Pikmar, the combination of Olimar and a pikmin.

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