Pikmin figures

Some Pikmin figures, there are many more.

Agatsuma Pikmin figures released in Japan in 2004.

These are figures based off of the Nintendo Pikmin Series. These figures, like plushies and shirts, where based mostly on Pikmin 2. Not all pikmin figures are posted here, there are some missing. There were 3 sets, or volumes, the Hocotate Ship, and the Golden Hocotate Ship are "secret" and very rare as well as many other special figures. Agatsuma Volume 2 Pikmin figures were simple.  Each pikmin stood with arms to their side.  The base each pikmin stood on matched their color. Agatsuma Volume 3 Pikmin figures featured a different pose for each pikmin, none of which just stood with arms to each side.  Each volume 3 figure stands on a tan colored base.  These figures were released to follow the Pikmin 2 game, so rock pikmin and flying pikmin were never available.  Figures are approx. 1 inch tall and can be found in small sets or individually on eBay, however the pricing tends to be extremely high.