Pipe Plaza
Pipe Plaza MKDS
Pipe Plaza as it appears in Mario Kart DS
Series Mario Kart series
First game Mario Kart: Double Dash‼
Creator Nintendo EAD

Pipe Plaza is a battle course found in Mario Kart: Double Dash‼ and Mario Kart DS.

It is a small lot in the middle of nowhere with low brick walls around it and cement ground. There are two floors to this battle stage, one being the big cement ground floor where most of the action is, and the other being a metal grate material with ramps leading to the bottom floor. On the back wall are four giant pipes leading into said wall, two being on the bottom floor, and two being on the top floor. Driving into one of the pipes sends the player flying out of another pipe on the opposite floor.

Weapons cannot pass through the pipes and therefore are destroyed as soon as they enter. Red Shells can be avoided by simply driving into a pipe before it hits the player. Be warned however, some people like to put Banana Peels or Fake Item Boxes right where players land after being shot out of a pipe. They are unavoidable here, making driving through the pipes dangerous.


Mario Kart: Double Dash‼

Pipe Plaza looks like a plaza park with pipes in it. The is a platform with metal-grate material and clementine-orange lines. If you on the low floor and go into the pipe, it will lead you to second floor and vice versa. If you throw shells at the pipe tunnel, they get died and break apart because I think they are blind do the pipe tunnel's darkness. If the red shell is aiming for you or if you hear its noise, go to the pipe tunnel immediately or you'll automatically get flipped over. This is useful for avoiding incoming shells instead of having 3 shells orbiting around you or having 3 bananas guarding behind you.

Warning: Some tunnels have fake item boxes or bananas in-front of them which could hurt you. If you don't know which of the pipe-tunnels have dangerous effect, turn invisible using Boo, get invincible using Star or protect yourself by letting 3 shells spinning around you. You can check using map as well. If you saw there aren't item boxes with all tunnels have bad effect like bananas, just stay in safe plaza until you found item boxes. Or you can go run into the dangerous tunnels with banana and fake item boxes because they disappear when you touch them.

Mario Kart DS

Pipe Plaza reappeared as a sixth stage of the battle course. There aren't any changes, but take a look closely. You can see the fields and plains are colorful. The road is slightly reddish-grey in color.