are robotic birds and enemies in the Mega Man franchise. They drop eggs to release baby versions of them.



A Pipi is a flying bird that only appear in three stages in Mega Man 2. If it drops an egg, the baby Pipis will try to attack someone. Using the Leaf Shield will deflect all its babies.


DeluPipis are purple Pipis that appear in Mega Man 7. They have larger eggs. In Mega Man Anniversary Collection in the game, Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, they are Air Man's support.

Child Pipi

Child Pipis are smaller versions of Pipis in the Mega Man franchise. If a Pipi breaks an egg, its children will try to swarm a character.

Other media

A fleet of Pipis attack the city and they only appeared in Episode 7. Dr. Light created one to be a "spy".

In the cartoon, Mega Man: Upon a Star, Pipis were seen in the mob with Gyro Man, Power Musclers, Killer Bullets, Elec Man, Wave Man, Stone Man, Octopus Batteries, Star Man and Crystal Man. When Mega Man, Proto Man and Beat enter the Robot City, they killed the three of the flying enemies, a Killer Bullet, Pipi and Octopus Batteries. They appeared in the final episode.


  • Pipis appeared in most of the classic versions of the cartoons with Mega Man, except for Captain N: The Game Master.
  • Holding the A Button on the NES controller or GameCube controller or the Wii Remote when selecting a Robot Master will make the stars turn into Child Pipis.