Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

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Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
North American GBA box art
Developer(s) Activision
Publisher(s) Activision
Release date(s) 1994, 2001
Virtual Console
NA April 13, 2009
Platform(s) SNES, Game Boy Advance
Genre(s) Platformer
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Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure is a video game released for the SNES and later on the Game Boy Advance on launch day. It is a sequel to the hit classic on the Atari, which was released years before this game. The game has also been released on the Wii Virtual Console from the Sega Genesis in North America on April 13, 2009 (Rated T).


  • Sling Shot - An item that will let you shoot enemies.
  • Boomerang - A powerful, throwable item that can defeat enemies.
  • Sling Stones - Contains stones for your slingshot.
  • Exploding Stones - Rare stones that can easily defeat enemies on contact.
  • Sacred Heart - Can restore health once collected.
  • Golden Idol - Will bring you back to life if you die.
  • Time Keeper - An item that will freeze time.
  • Mayan Chili Pepper - An item that will increase your running and jumping abilities.


There are 14 levels in all, excluding the three bonus Loltun Vault levels and the Atari 2600 level.

  • Ceiba Jungle
  • Xibalba Falls
  • Tazamul Mines
  • Lost City of Copan
  • Copan Temple
  • Lakamul Rainforest
  • Yaxchilan Lagoon
  • Palenque Ruins
  • Tomb of Palenque
  • Balankanche Mine (Runaway Minecar)
  • Jaina Island Falls
  • Tikal Ruins
  • Temple of Tikal
  • Warrior Spirit (Final Level)

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