Tippi sparkly

Tippi, the fist of Mario's Pixls

A Pixl(JP) is a flying fairy (pixy) like species in the Paper Mario series. Pixls first made their appearance in the Wii video game Super Paper Mario, where they would join Mario and his team on his journey to stop Count Bleck.

All the Pixls in the game are very bright and multi-colored creatures. Each one has their own unique shape, such as Tippi's butterfly shape, and Thoreau's blockish shape (with other features around him, such as five mini bright circles). Each one of these creatures also possess a special ability that is required for beating the game, except for the optional Barry, Piccolo, Dashell, and Tiptron.

Major Pixls


The word "Pixl" is derived from "pixel", which refers to the smallest possible part of an image. It may also be a reference to the word "pixie", which is another name for a fairy.