Plack Beach
Plack Beach (Bowser's Inside Story)
An image of Plack Beach, showing Mario and Luigi
Series Mario & Luigi
First game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Plack Beach is a location in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It is on the east of Cavi Cape and south of Dimble Wood.







Bowser comes there when he escaped from Cavi Cape. He soon meets his new friend, Broque Monsieur, who is in trouble. He decided to pull the island with the rope, trying his best. Mario and Luigi (Chippy as well) went to Arm Center and stimulated his muscles, which made him pull the rope far too hard. After that, the island hit the beach, making big crash. Broque soon became Bowser's friend. He also taught Bowser a new technique, which is called Vacuum Block. Vacuum Block is green, and allows Bowser to suck small enemies into his body, allowing brothers to defeat it. When he learned his new technique, he soon found the Sea Pipe Statue. Bowser shouted at Chippy what is the Sea Pipe Statue. Chippy told him about it. After that, the Sea Pipe Statue started to shake and move. Bowser went mad at Chippy and he said it is moving. It soon turns blue and Bowser has to defeat it. The cause of letting the Sea Pipe Statue move is a Fawfulcopter. Bowser and the Sea Pipe Statue engage in a battle. The only way of defeating it is to suck the Blooper into his body, and bros. had to defeat it. When it turns red, it comes out of Bowser's body and shoot at its statue, losing its health. When Bowser defeated the statue, it stayed still and returned to its normal form. It also released water. Bowser decided to drink it, and bros. went to a new world called Pump Works. When they visit there, they went to a new place called Flame Pipe. They saw a large bug called Scutlet, who is blocking the fire passage, preventing Bowser from breathing fire. The bros. soon defeat it, allowing Bowser to breathe fire. After that, Bowser breathes fire, burning trees around him. He found his friend, Broque, who is in trouble. His pet, Broggy, was in beach having bad behavior. Bowser had to deal with Broggy but Broque immediately shouted at Bowser. In battle, Broque said punching Broggy will not work at all. Doing so will make very small damage. He shouted at Bowser to breathe fire, which Broggy is afraid of. Breathing fire makes Broggy get very hot. He also turn around, revealing his bandage. When Bowser managed to defeat Broggy with his brand new fire breath, Broque thanked Bowser for defeating Broggy. Bowser soon walked into dense forest called Dimble Wood.