Podoboo as seen in Super Mario Galaxy 2

Podoboos (Also known as Lava Bubbles)are enemies that first appear in the game Super Mario Bros. for the NES. The enemy will pop out of the lava trying to harm you. They only appear in the castle levels, and can only be defeated with an invincibility star. Podoboos also appear in Mario Party 2 in a minigame called "Hot Rope Jump".


  • Podoboo: A red flame with eyes that can jump out of lava.
  • Blue Podoboo: A blue flame with eyes that can jump out of blue lava and follow you out of the lava. So far this Podoboo has only been seen in Super Princess Peach and Mario Party 2.
  • Bouncing Lava Bubbles - Lava Bubbles from Super Mario World that are found in the air. They bounce off the level's surfaces. In Super Mario Maker, Lava Bubbles behave like this when they are given wings.
  • Big Lava Bubbles - Originally only found in the first 3 Mario Parties, they were implemented in Super Mario Maker when a Mushroom is given to a Lava Bubble
  • Fire Snakes
  • Ember and Phantom Ember - Paper Mario enemies found in the first two games