Poison is one of the 18 types of Pokémon. In total, there are 66 species of Pokémon with poison typing including 7 alternate forms.

List of poison-type Pokémon

Pokémon Type Information
PKMN001 Bulbasaur GrassGrassPoisonPoison This Pokémon is the first in the Pokémon series. It is a grass and poison type Pokémon with a bulb/bud on his back.
PKMN002 Ivysaur GrassGrassPoisonPoison This is the evolution of Bulbasaur, a poison and grass type Pokémon with a sprouting flower on its back.
PKMN003 Venusaur GrassGrassPoisonPoison This is the last evolution of the grass-type Pokémon Bulbasaur. It has a tree-like flower on it's back.
PKMN013 Weedle BugBugPoisonPoison This poison and bug type Pokémon has a sharp, poison barb on it's head used to sting enemies.
PKMN014 Kakuna BugBugPoisonPoison This is the 2nd evolution of the poison and bug type Pokémon, Weedle. It resembles a cocoon.
PKMN015 Beedrill BugBugPoisonPoison This is the last evolution of Weedle. It resembles a bee, and has sharp poison points on it's front legs.
PKMN023 Ekans PoisonPoison Ekans is a poison type Pokémon, that resembles a small purple snake.
PKMN024 Arbok PoisonPoison Arbok is a Poison-type snake-like Pokémon with a design on it's body like a scary face. It is there to frighten enemies.
PKMN029 Nidoran♀ PoisonPoison
PKMN030 Nidorina PoisonPoison
PKMN031 Nidoqueen PoisonPoisonGroundGround
PKMN032 Nidoran♂ PoisonPoison
PKMN033 Nidorino PoisonPoison
PKMN034 Nidoking PoisonPoisonGroundGround
PKMN041 Zubat PoisonPoisonFlyingFlying
PKMN042 Golbat PoisonPoisonFlyingFlying
PKMN043 Oddish GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN044 Gloom GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN045 Vileplume GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN048 Venonat BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN049 Venomoth BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN069 Bellsprout GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN070 Weepinbell GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN071 Victreebel GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN072 Tentacool WaterWaterPoisonPoison
PKMN073 Tentacruel WaterWaterPoisonPoison
PKMN088 Grimer PoisonPoison
PKMN089 Muk PoisonPoison
PKMN092 Gastly GhostGhostPoisonPoison
PKMN093 Haunter GhostGhostPoisonPoison
PKMN094 Gengar GhostGhostPoisonPoison
PKMN109 Koffing PoisonPoison
PKMN110 Weezing PoisonPoison
PKMN167 Spinarak BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN168 Ariados BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN169 Crobat PoisonPoisonFlyingFlying
PKMN211 Qwilfish WaterWaterPoisonPoison
PKMN269 Dustox BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN315 Roselia GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN316 Gulpin PoisonPoison
PKMN317 Swalot PoisonPoison
PKMN336 Seviper PoisonPoison
PKMN406 Budew GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN407 Roserade GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN434 Stunky PoisonPoisonDarkDark
PKMN435 Skuntank PoisonPoisonDarkDark
PKMN451 Skorupi PoisonPoisonBugBug
PKMN452 Drapion PoisonPoisonDarkDark
PKMN453 Croagunk PoisonPoisonFightingFighting
PKMN454 Toxicroak PoisonPoisonFightingFighting
PKMN543 Venipede BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN544 Whirlipede BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN545 Scolipede BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN568 Trubbish PoisonPoison
PKMN569 Garbodor PoisonPoison
PKMN590 Foongus GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN591 Amoonguss GrassGrassPoisonPoison
Skrelp PoisonPoisonWaterWater
Dragalge PoisonPoisonDragonDragon
Mareanie PoisonPoisonWaterWater
Toxapex PoisonPoisonWaterWater
Salandit PoisonPoisonFireFire
Salazzle PoisonPoisonFireFire
Nihilego RockRockPoisonPoison

Alternate forms

Pokémon Type Information
Mega Venusaur GrassGrassPoisonPoison
Mega Beedrill BugBugPoisonPoison
Mega Gengar GhostGhostPoisonPoison
(Alola form)
(Alola form)
Toxic Plate
Poison Memory

List of poison-type moves

Name Category Contest PP Power Accuracy Generation
Poison StingPhysicalSmart3515100%First
Poison GasStatusSmart4080%First
Acid ArmorStatusTough40First
Sludge BombSpecialTough1090100%Second
Poison FangPhysicalSmart1550100%Third
Poison TailPhysicalSmart2550100%Third
Gastro AcidStatusBeauty10100%Fourth
Toxic SpikesStatusSmart20Fourth
Poison JabPhysicalSmart2080100%Fourth
Cross PoisonPhysicalCool2070100%Fourth
Gunk ShotPhysicalCool512070%Fourth
Sludge WaveSpecialTough1095100%Fifth
Acid SpraySpecialBeautiful2040100%Fifth
Clear SmogSpecialBeautiful1550Fifth
Belch Special Tough 10 120 90% Sixth
Venom Drench Status Clever 20 100% Sixth
Baneful Bunker Status ??? 10 Seventh
Purify Status ??? 20 Seventh
Toxic Thread Status ??? 20 100% Seventh


  • Acid Downpour (Poisonium Z)

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