These are the credits for Pokémon Black and White.

Staff Credits


2-D Art Director

3-D Art Director

Program Director

Planning Director


Online, Wireless, and IR Programming

Battle Programming

Field Programming

User Interface Programming

Battle System Programming

Gym--Main Programming

Rail System Programming

3-D Graphics Support Programming

System Programming

Director of Pokémon Characters

Pokémon Character Design

2-D Dot Graphics

3-D Map Graphics

3-D Graphics System Designs

Trainer Graphics-Main Design

Battle Graphics Design

Battle-Effects Graphics Design

User Interface Graphics--Main Design

Digital Movie-Main Design

Concept Illustration

Pokémon Concept & Pokédex Text


Pokémon Voice Design

Sound Effects

Interactive Sound System Design

Music–Entralink, Route 10, Ending Theme, and More

Music–Opelucid City, Anville Town, Village Bridge, and More

Music–Bicycle, Poké Transfer Lab, Lacunosa Town, and More

All Battle Music

User Interface System Design

Dialogue Design

Action Script Design

Battle System Design

Game Design of Special Elements

Map Design

User Interface--Main Design

Map Supervisor & Map Set Design

Survey Radar & Tag Mode Design

Wi-Fi Battle System Design

Pokémon & Trainer Parameter Design

Battle Subway Parameter Design

Wi-Fi Server Development

Director of Linked Websites

Linked Website Design

EU Localisation

English Localization

English Translation

English Editing

English Localization Support

German Translation

German Editing

French Translation

French Editing

Spanish Translation

Spanish Editing

Italian Translation

Italian Editing

NOA Localization Coordinators

NOE Localisation Management

NOE Localisation Producers

NOA Product Testing

NOE QA Coordinators

NOE Quality Assurance

Korean Localization

PKI Localization Staff

NOK Localization Staff

NOK Product Testing


Debug Management


World & Plot

Graphics--Special Thanks

Special Thanks

English Version Artwork

EU Version Artwork


Globalization Coordinators

Information Coordinators



Executive Producers

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