These are the credits to Pokémon Colosseum.

Directed By

Production Concept By

Characters Designed by

Scenario Written by

Music Director

Production Design

Programming Director

System Programming

Application Programming

Battle Unit Programming

Battle Unit Programming Assistants

Development Support Programming

Connectivity Programming

Game Design

Game Design Assistant

Scenario Writing Assistants

Art Director

Character Modeling

Character Motion Design

Special Effects Art

Special Effects Manager

3-D CG Art

Additional 3-D CG by

3-D CG Art Assistants

Camera Animation

2-D CG Art

2-D CG Art Assistant

Pokémon 3-D Modeling Director

Lead Pokémon 3-D Modeling

Pokémon 3-D Modeling

Pokémon 3-D Modeling Manager

Artwork Crew

Sound Design

Sound Effects

Sound Crew

Script Directors

Script Programming

Script Assistants

Script Manager

Battle Data Design

European Localization

English Localization

English Text Translated by

English Text Edited by

French Text Translated by

German Text Translated by

Italian Text Translated by

Spanish Text Translated by

NOA Product Testing

NOE Product Testing

Pokémon Games Designed by

Pokémon Characters Designed by

Pokémon Advisors

Pokémon Supervisors

Production Manager

Production Assistant

Production Coordinators

Technical Support

Network Administrator

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Executive Producers