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Pokémon Party mini
Developer(s) Denyusha
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Pokemon Mini platform icon
Genre(s) Minigame collection
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Pokémon Party mini is a game that was available for the Pokémon mini console. It featured 6 quirky mini-games that were supposed to be based on the Pokémon franchise. Other than the one player mode, it also featured a multi-player mode, and even a clock and Stopwatch. The mini games were featured in Pokémon Channel.

Mini Games

  • Pikachu's Rocket Start: A game where you must press A when the Elekid starts the race in order for Pikachu to win.
  • Slowking's Judge: In this mini game, you have to judge a game of tennis. You press A if the ball lands in the court and B if out.
  • Chansey's Dribble: You're Chansey, and you have to dribble a ball up a field.
  • Bellossom's Dance: 3 Bellossoms dance in front of you. After there done, you'll have to use the d-padm or shake the Hardware to match them.
  • Hitmonchan's Boxing: Shake the system very fast, then when the system vibrates, stop.
  • Sneasel's Fake Out: This is a 2-Player game of Football.

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