Super Big Happy Fun Fun Game!.

The Simpsons games' Super Big Happy Fun Fun Game with Homer and Lisa's outfits


the Reeevee hat

This article lists all of the references in the Pokémon media.

Video/Computer games

  • The Simpsons Game
    • Mob Rules - When Lisa hands over the Simpsons Guide and tells Marge that she has the power to convince crowds to do anything, Marge quotes: "Like in Pokémon!"
    • Super Happy Fun Fun Game - This level references Pokémon in many ways. First of all, Homer and Lisa look like Pokémon Trainers, secondly, Homer and Lisa fight Sparkleman (pun on Pokémon), and get Sparkle Balls (pun on Poké Balls, plus, they look like Poké Balls), and finally, one of the Sparklemon references a Squirtle.
  • ROBLOX - There is a hat called a Reevee in Roblox, it is referenced by an Eevee.


  • In Austin Powers in Goldmember in one scene where a car is moving a statue of Godzila in the crowd of people running away you can see two people in Pikachu and Charmander costumes.


  • Family Guy - In one of the episodes in Family Guy, there is a superhero strongly resembling a Machoke in Chris' room. This poster only appears in the episode "April in Quahog".
  • In a Season 4 episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, titled "Hackidu", the characters talk about a Korean card/cartoon/game franchise called Hackidu, which is a copy of Pokémon. The episode mainly focuses on a card of a monster called Scramisaur that's worth $65.
  • In the Season 5 episode of Everybody Loves Raymond entitled "Humm Vac", a Pikachu stuffed animal is seen on a bookshelf in the background.