Two different types of Pokies.
Series Mario series
First game Doki Doki Panic
Created by Nintendo
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For the EarthBound character, see Pokey Minch.

A Pokey is an enemy in the Mario series. He first appeared in the Nintendo Entertainment System classic Doki Doki Panic/Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Each Pokey has a certain amount of segments, usually with five, with the fith being his head. They are cactus enemies who will hurt anyone who touches it.

Ever since the species first appearance, they have appeared regularly in Mario platforms and even spinoffs. In Super Mario World, Mario or Luigi were able to destroy them by using a star man to ram into him, or letting Yoshi eat each of his segments one by one.

The species is also an obstacle in the Mario Kart series, usually in the desert levels. The following is a list of Mario Kart games where Pokey has appeared.

In Super Mario Galaxy, Mario is able to kill him by tossing some fruit at him. Once you do all his segments will fall apart.

In New Super Mario Bros., Pokeys have flower above their heads which they are pretending to be female. You might think they are female. To kill them, punch all of their segments. A mummified Pokey also appears as a boss of World 2. Killing Mummipokey lets you go to World 3. But if you kill this mummified version of Pokey while Mario or Luigi is in mini form, you go to World 4, which is optional along with World 7.


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