Pokken tournament DX logo
Pokken Tournament DX (NA)
Developer(s) Bandai Namco
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch platform icon
Genre(s) Fighting game

04ESRB - E 10+  02PEGI 7  01CERO A  02Australian Classification Board - PG

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Pokkén Tournament DX (JP) (pronounced as Pokkén Tournament Deluxe) is a port of the Wii U title Pokkén Tournament. On top of the new characters, the game also adds a 3-on-3 mode. The gamel launched on Nintendo Switch in September 2017.


New Characters

The game features all the roster from the Wii U plus these fighters

Team Battle

In these fights, players choose 3 fighters to go into a fight similar to King of Fighters. When a fighter faints, the next fighter gets sent in to the fight with the opponent remaining at the same health.


Since all the characters are unlocked from the beginning, more the unlockables have shifted to alternate costumes to dress up the player character.


The game debuts

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