Polar Pitfalls is the fifteenth level in Donkey Kong Land III and the third level found in Blackforest Plateau.

This level introduces Lemguins that slide at Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong and try to crash into them. If the Kongs aren't careful, they will crash into them and lose a Kong or lose a life. This level has a slippery surface which makes it hard for the Kongs to advance, due to them slipping backwards, crashing into enemies, etc. Other than Lemguins, the enemies found here are Buzzes, Skiddas, and Krimps. The main obstacles of this level are bottomless pits which if the Kongs aren't careful, they will lose a life. 2 of these pitfalls luckily contain Bonus Barrels which will take the Kongs to Bonus Levels and stop them from losing a life.