Poppy Bros. Jr.
Kirby Star Allies - Character artwork 11

Poppy Bros Jr.'s Artwork from Kirby Super Star
Series Kirby series
First game Kirby's Dream Land
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Poppy Bros. Jr. are recurring characters in the Kirby series. They are smaller versions of regular Poppy Bros., known as Poppy Bros. Sr.. They are usually Kirby's enemies and sometimes Kirby's friends in special occasions. They attack by throwing bombs, attempting to blow Kirby up. When Kirby inhales one he gets a stylish sleeping hat. He gets to throw bombs at enemies, which makes it easier to destroy them. In Kirby Super Star and its remake they are sometimes seen rolling on apples.


Poppy Bros. Jr. appears in a sleeping cap, some pointy boots, and a yellow face looking much like Kirby's. He is usually on the easiest Kirby levels, but also has popular appearances in others. They usually travel much faster than Kirby and leap very far.