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Main characters by game

Final Fantasy: Black MageFighterMonkRed MageThiefWhite Mage

Final Fantasy II: FirionGuyLeonMaria

Final Fantasy III: ArcIngusLunethRefia

Final Fantasy IV: Cecil HarveyCid PollendinaEdgeEdward Chris von MuirKain HighwindPalomPoromRosa FarrellRydiaTellahYang Fang Leiden

Final Fantasy V: Bartz KlauserLenna Charlotte TycoonGaluf Halm BaldesionFaris ScherwizKrile Mayer Baldesion

Final Fantasy VI: Celes ChereCyan GaramondeEdgar Roni FigaroGauGogoLocke ColeMogRelm ArrownySabin Rene FigaroSetzer GabbianiShadowStrago MagusTerra BranfordUmaro

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings: Ashelia B'nargin DalmascaBalthierBasch fon RonsenburgFiloFranLlyudPeneloVaan

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: AlhanalemChelinkaGnashMeeth CrymYuri

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: BenjaminKaeliPhoebeReubenTristam

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Marche RadiujuMontblancRitz Malheur

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift: AdelleCidHurdyLuso Clemens

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon: ChocoboCidShirmaFrejaIrmaVolg

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