Pose Mii

Pose Mii is one of the nine games found in the Wii video game Wii Play and the fourth unlockable game. The object of the game is to point the Wii Remote at the screen and to control a Mii, making it switch poses to match with some on bubbles that float up to the top of the fish bowl like area that the Mii is in. Points are scored in the game by matching the poses on bubbles and the game ends when the player(s) miss(es) three bubbles. The background for the game changes every time a stage is complete.

Special Bubble


A Special Bubble

There is also a special bubble in this game that is rainbow colored and if a player matches the position on the bubble, all the bubbles on the screen will freeze for a certain amount of time.


  • The game ends when three bubbles are missed on two sides combined.
  • If a blue bubble is missed, P2 takes points equal to five times the level from P1. The inverse is true when P2 misses a red bubble.
  • Perfect bonuses still apply.
  • If a Special Bubble is touched, only the player who touches it can move, and the other is temporarily immobilized.
  • If a bubble's color is different from the player's color, double points are awarded.