The powder blue tang (acanthurus leucosternon) is a fish found in the Wii video game Endless Ocean. It is similar to the fish called blue tang. They swim in schools with other powder blue tangs, and in the game they only appear as adults.

Official description

The following appears in the European version.

"A narrow fish with an oval-shaped body and a length of 25cm. It has a blue body, with black on the upper side of its head and white on the lower section. It is a very common fish that can be seen in Manaurai all year round.

The 'surgeon' part of this species' name was given because the spine located on the caudal fin joint of this fish is sharp like a scalpel. They live in areas of coral reef and shoals have been seen in water less than a metre in depth.

This species belongs to the Teleostei class which over 90% of all fish are classified under. The majority of these species' skeletons are made up of a hard bone framework and are noted to have evolved and developed air bladders out of what were once their lungs."

Other languages

  • French: Chirurgien à poitrine blanche
  • German: Weißkehl-Doktorfisch
  • Spanish: Cirujano de aleta amarillo
  • Italian: Pesce chirurgo blu