Power Arrows

Power Arrows in Of Myths and Monsters.

Power Arrows are items in the Kid Icarus series, which determine how much damage Pit can deal to his enemies with a single arrow. Pit can receive new arrows from the gods if he has fought well during his mission. The Power Arrows appears in Kid Icarus and Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, but at this time it is unknown if they will return in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Power Arrows can be given to Pit from Zeus in the Sacred Chambers. Zeus will not give the arrows to Pit at any time however, Pit must have proved himself worthy first. This can be done through being successful in his mission, showing his strength while battling, and training hard. In Kid Icarus, Pit can be awarded with a total of four Power Arrows in addition to the one he starts with, while the total number is eight in Of Myths and Monsters. In the original, the additional arrows are of stronger materials, while in the sequel simply having additional arrows increase Pit's strength. The arrows in Kid Icarus are, with increasing strength, Bronze arrows, Silver arrows, Gold arrows and Sacred arrows.

What determines if Pit receives an arrow or not, is a stat that is hidden to the player. In Kid Icarus, the stat is reset at every level and can be increased by defeating enemies, collecting hearts, and entering chambers. The score can also decrease however, by taking damage and shooting arrows. The exact criteria in Of Myths and Monsters is unknown, but believed to function similarly.