Power Flower is a special power-up in Super Mario 64 DS. Once 14 stars are collected and the player steps on the red ? Switch, exclamation blocks will appear in some levels. Once picked up, the character is given new abilities for a short time.


When Mario gets one, he'll become inflated, turn into a balloon and can float high, similar to the P Balloon in Super Mario World. When Luigi gets one, he turns invisible and can walk through gates and enemies, similar to the Vanish Cap in the original game. When Wario gets one, he"ll become metal and can walk underwater and lava, like the Metal Cap in the original game. Like invisible Luigi, Metal Wario also won't be burned or hurt by enemies. When Yoshi gets one, he can breathe fire, which wasn't introduced in the original game. If Mario, Luigi, or Wario get a power flower without their hat, a bob-omb comes out.