Princess Athena
Princess Athena
Series Athena series
First game Athena
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Princess Athena is a goddess princess, she is a ancestor of Athena Asamiya. Princess Athena starred in the game Athena which is available for the NES and other systems. This Princess is one of the earliest female heroines for video gaming history, she is also decently popular. She is rather selfish and lives on The Kingdom of Victory, she very much desires challenges which lead her to adventures.



Princess Athena is incredibly bored as usual with her peaceful life, she beings to think of a way to bring some excitement. There was a door in the basement of Castle Victory that was restricted, anyone who would open it would fall in a completely new world and would most likely die. Princess Athena decides to open it, she does and falls into Fantasy World; a evil world ruled by the evil emperor Dante.

Athena has to face off countless of enemies in order to survive and return to her world. Dante makes it difficult for Athena to survive as he had appointed many of his servants to destroy her. Athena uses her sword and her shield to attack and defend herself. The successful Princess faces off Dante and defeats him. Once done with Dante she is returned to Kingdom of Victory.

Athena: Full Throtle

Athena: Full Throttle is a sequel is given to Athena. It takes place after Princess Athena kills Dante and returns to her true home, and another restricted door is created. The selfish Princess is again bored with the peaceful life and tries to open the second restricted door. However before doing so Helene, her loyal maid warns her not to do so as it could be perilous trouble. The stubborn Princess does not listen and opens the door, unluckily both Helene and Athena were sucked in the Elysium world; a new world with great evil. Both Helene and Athena have to face off new villains, but luckily they have each other.

Other appearances

Princess Athena appears as a secret boss in the game SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos in which she is guarding the entrance to the Heaven World, which is one of the stages of her arcade game. After that she appears in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, and the SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash, including the Nintendo DS version.