A Puffy Blowhog is an enemy in the Pikmin series for the Nintendo GameCube and New Play Control! for Wii. It is in both Pikmin games, in Pikmin, it was only in The Distant Spring. In Pikmin 2, it was only found underground. It shoots out extreme air trying to blow Olimar's Pikmin away, Purple Pikmin are not effected by the air. One Purple Pikmin will make it fall to the ground. It is a part of the Blowhog Family.


Reel notes

"Instead of breathing fire, this species uses its hydrogen to float."

Olimar's Notes

"This species of blowhog uses internally generated hydrogen to inflate a flotation bladder and hover above the ground. The creature's electrified pulse creates a sash of color that flows along the surface of its body, making it a particularly beautiful blowhog species. Precisely how it is able to internally stabilize its highly explosive hydrogen and simultaneously generate electricity remains a mystery. The puffy blowhog blows leaves and grass around to eat the insects underneath. It maintains midair buoyancy by using its fins and releasing air through blowholes. This enables it to float effortlessly, even in the breeze. In times of danger, the puffy blowhog can decompress its flotation bladder for a rapid escape from predators."

Louie's Notes

"Slice this creature's feather-light skin into triangles, deep-fry until crispy, and salt generously. Makes the perfect scooping chip to accompany fresh mango salsa!"

Ship Log

This is a large-bodied, flying organism, but it is possible that its interior is as empty as a blimp. If I can land a large number of Pikmin on it, they may be able to ground it. And then, once it's down, it will feel my sprouts' rage!