Purple Coins

A photo of Purple Coins.

Purple coins are coins in Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel Super Mario Galaxy 2, both for the Wii. They have a star symbol on them, just like the coins in Super Mario 64.

Super Mario Galaxy

Purple coins appear in all of the major 15 galaxies as the last mission. They appear as a "Purple Comet" after Bowser is defeated in the last battle. In the Purple Coin Missions the goal is to collect 100 purple coins. There are two varieties in these missions:

  1. Timed: This missions are time based and the purple coin music plays. Usually there are more than 100 purple coins in this missions. Some missions aren't "actively" timed. They are just on a straight path and the player has to "ride" a platform to get to this coins. Examples are Dreadnought Galaxy and Battlerock Galaxy. Timed missions with an actual timer are: Space Junk Galaxy, Ghostly Galaxy, Gusty Garden Galaxy, Toy Time Galaxy, Goldleaf Galaxy. WARNING: if you get 100 coins in this missions, the timer won't stop until you get the Power Star!
  2. Not Timed: This missions usually take place on the bigger galaxies. They resemble the 100  coin missions in Super Mario 64. Examples are: Good Egg Galaxy, Honeyhive Galaxy, Beach Bowl Galaxy, Dusty Dune Galaxy, Freezeflame Galaxy, Melty Molten Galaxy, Sea Slide Galaxy, Deep Dark Galaxy.

Super Mario Galaxy 2