The pyramid butterflyfish (hemitaurichthys polylepis) is a fish found in the Wii video game Endless Ocean. It can be found in Manoa Lai (Manaurai in Europe) all year long.

Official description

From the European version.

"A round, narrow fish with a protruding snout and a length of 16cm. Its body colour is composed of brown, yellow and white. Can be seen in Manaurai all year round

This fish has a rare feeding habit for a member of the butterflyfish species. It eats plankton using the thread-like teeth in its small mouth.

Just like any other fish that feed off plankton, this species has special comb-like sections, known as 'gill-rakers' inside its gills. These enable the fish to filter out the food from the water, which passes out through the gills."

Other languages

  • French: Poisson-papillon pyramide jaune
  • German: Gelber pyramiden-falterfisch
  • Spanish: Mariposa pirámide
  • Italian: Pesce farfalla piramide