Queen Sectonia is a character in the Kirby series who first appeared as the main boss in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. She resembles a wasp and acts as the main villain alongside Taranza. She is the Queen of Floralia, a land found on the Dreamstalk, which mysteriously grew one night while Kirby was asleep. She, along with Masked Dedede and Masked Dedede's Revenge are the bosses of the sixth world, Royal Road.

Kirby series

Kirby: Triple Deluxe


After defeating both of Masked Dedede's forms, Kirby meets Taranza, face to face. Taranza is confused on how Kirby made it this far and defeated the so-called Hero of Dreamland, so Taranza discovers Kirby is the true hero, and being cowardly, calls his Queen. Sectonia then flies down, getting angry at Taranza for failing his task.

Part 1

In the first stage of the battle against Queen Sectonia, you are in her royal quarters fighting on a flat surface which is impossible to fall of off. She fights using two swords which she insanely swings around in the hope of hitting Kirby.

Once you anger her once, you are moved to a pink diamond-like platform which covers about two thirds of the screen which includes to places to fall off. Queen Sectonia herself does not get very close during this phase, instead she summons enemies which, when inhaled, will give you either the Fire, Ice or Leaf copy ability.

After angering her for a second time, you are brought back to the initial setting, of Queen Sectonia's royal quarters. She uses all of her previous moves including enemy summoning, but adds the move where she teleports very fast in the hope of tricking Kirby out in order to hit him with her sword. This is the last phase, meaning when she is defeated the first stage is done.

Part 2

After successfully getting through the leafy barriers blocking the last stage, Eternal Dreamland, Kirby is sent to a platform in the sky. Sectonia herself can be seen in the background, but four two bud-like objects with eyes appear and act as Sectonia's weapons. They use attacks that are easy to dodge if quick.

After angering the buds once, you will be moved to a smaller platform, this time the Sectonia's moves get stronger including faster attacks and attacks with more range making them harder to dodge. One of the buds attacks is starting at the left side of the screen and progressing quickly to the right like a dart and follow Kirby up and down the screen.

After angering the buds again, their moves generally just get faster, more accurate and cover more of the screen.

Part 3

After defeating the two buds, you are moved to another platform similar to the platform of the last battle, but instead, there are four buds. These bugs generally do the same attacks as the last two but since there is a bigger quantity the attacks are harder to avoid.

Kirby: Planet Robobot

She appears as a clone created by Star Dream and is used as the second phase of the test it imposed to Meta Knight. She use the same attacks she used in the first phase of her fight in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It is also revealed that she was once a being similar to Taranza but was corrupted by the Dimension Mirror that altered her body and mind.

Kirby Star Allies

In Kirby Star Allies, she appears as a magical projection that can be summoned by Taranza to attack his foes. Taranza takes on a sad expression each time he summons it, showing that he still mourns her corruption and unfortunate demise.