The Queen and King are third and twin bosses in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter in the DS version. They appear in the Galactic Jungle.


The Queen

The Hero fights the Queen first. First, it sends Baki Ships to stop the Hero. Next, the Queen's only attack is that it goes up and shoots fireballs. After it gets destroyed, the engines are fought. Each engine shoots a fireball. The Hero must avoid the lasers from the turrets and the shoot three engines. When the Hero destroys these, the screen continues on a vast land.

The King

Next, the Hero fights the King. The King shoots missiles at the Hero and will sometimes fire a massive beam. This attack will cause an instant death and must be avoided. The shots take a little damage, so the Hero should drop bombs at it to deal more damage. The King repeats again.

Background information

  • Two of these are used to defend Click (the Council's main identity) without serving any other purpose.