RC Shroober
RC Shroober (Partners in Time)

RC Shroober's sprite from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.
Series Mario
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Species Shroob
Created by AlphaDream
Created in: 2005

RC Shroober is an enemy in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time who appears to be a light blue Shroob with purple spots on its head. They can use their antennas to control radio-wave objects. In Yoob's Belly, RC Shroobers were trying to turn Yoshis in Shroobs.


When the Mario Bros. battle RC Shroobers, RC Shroobers will send out radio-wave devices, and will grow one antenna or two antennas depending on the attack. If they send out a radio controlled UFO, the RC Shroober will grow two antennas. The Bros. can dodge it with Baby Mario and Baby Luigi's hammer attack on it. If they grow one antenna, they will send radio-wave mobile bomb what spin around in circles and after a while, it will explode. This attack can be dodged by jumping. If Mario or Luigi jump on the mobile bomb, it will turn around and attack the RC Shroober. The UFO and the mobile bomb attacks have hints on which Bro. it will attack. If the UFO flashes on a Bro., it will show who it will attack. When the RC Shroober points its antenna at either Bro., it will show which Bro. the RC Shroober plans to direct the mobile bomb at.