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R Series

R Series
Game Chrono Trigger
Era of origin 2300 A.D.
Hit Points 900 (150 per robot)
Weakness Crono's Cyclone
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The R Series of robots are enemies found in 2300 A.D. in Chrono Trigger. Collectively, they are the "boss" enemy the player must defeat in order to escape from the Factory.

R-64Y, R-67Y and R-69Y are among the six R Series robots.


The Factory Ruins

While Crono and his party attempt to exit the Factory, they are confronted by the R Series of robots. The six R Series robots inform Robo that he is defective, which is why he is helping humans and fighting against his own kind. So the R Series destroys Robo. The two remaining party members battle the R Series and defeat them.


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