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Rad Racer
North American box art
Developer(s) Square
Publisher(s) Nintendo (NA),
Square (JP),
Mattel (EU)
Platform(s) NES platform icon
Genre(s) Arcade-style racing
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Rad Racer (JP) is a video game for the NES that was developed by Square. Three of the main designers of the game helped work on Square's previous game, Final Fantasy, which was a huge hit. Many of the cars are real cars created by famous companies such as Ferrari, Mercedes, and so on. A sequel for Rad Racer, Rad Racer II, was later released.


  • Stage 1 - Volkswagen Beetle
  • Stage 2 - Chevrolet Corvette
  • Stage 3 - Citroen BX
  • Stage 4 - Mercedes-Benz
  • Stage 5 - Lamborghini Countach
  • Stage 6 - Lotus Esprit
  • Stage 7 - Porsche 911
  • Stage 8 - Ferrari Testarossa


A sequel, Rad Racer II, was released in 1990, also for the NES.


  • BGM1 became the theme song for Homestar Runner anime parody character Stinkoman.

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