Rainbow Cruise
Series Super Smash Bros. series
First game Super Smash Bros. Melee
Mushroom Kingdom: Rainbow Cruise (Rainbow Ride in European versions) is a traveling stage from Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl based on a world in Super Mario 64

Stage Features

The stage originally starts on a floating ship. After a while, the boat reaches the starting platforms where players fight while the camera moves around the stage, forcing the players to also platform. Parts of the stage disappear as they go offscreen causing the player to fall to their death


Italicized tracks are returning from a past game while bolded tracks must be unlocked.


  • Rainbow Cruise


  • Rainbow Cruise (Melee)
  • Princess Peach's Castle (Melee)


The stage is based on the course, Rainbow Ride, from Super Mario 64.


  • This stage is also unique in which there are screen corner frames around the main battle area, following the camera (which, in any other stage, would possibly be the point where the characters get magnified - though they can still be magnified here). Fighters can stand out of these boundaries without any consequences, though.
  • Similarly, during the first little bit of the boat ride, it is possible to jump out of sight, onto a platform above the boat, avoiding the fights below. The only draw back is taking damage being outside the screen.
  • In Melee, a character was able to jump through the bottom of the donut lifts, but not drop through. However in Brawl, characters can no longer pass through the donut lifts in any way.