FE5 Raydrik
Series Fire Emblem
First game Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
Species Human
Class Baron
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​Raydrik ​is a major antagonist from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is the duke of Manster who fights on the side of King Bloom. He wields the mighty Loptyr Sword, bestowed upon him by Veld of the Loptyrian Cult.


Raydrik was originally a general of Conote, and a trusted noble serving the young King Calf, whom he helped enthrone. He later conspired with the Grannvale Empire to gain the trust of Travant of Thracia. He plotted the death of his country's king, who he originally saw as naive and easy to control, as well as the annihilation of Leonster's forces and King Calf at the Battle of River Thracia. However, before Travant is able to fully conquer Northern Thracia, he is double-crossed by Raydrik. After the newly formed Grannvale Empire conquers and annexes the Manster District, Duke Bloom, now the King of Northern Thracia, installs Raydrik as the Duke of Manster as a favor for his role in Leonster's downfall.

Raydrik first appears to capture Nanna and Mareeta in Chapter 1. Later, he imprisons Leif at the end of Chapter 3, and leads Eyvel to an arena at the beginning of Chapter 4.

In Chapter 5, he pits Eyvel against mercenaries to see her worth, and eventually, Veld deems that she is strong enough to become a Dark Warlord, so he turns her to stone. In Chapter 6, Raydrik orders his troops to prevent Leif's escape from Manster, and he continues his assault into Chapter 7.

He is not seen again until Chapter 24, in which Leif defeat him with the Blaggi Sword. However, he disappears into dust when he is defeated, and he is turned into the Deadlord Mus, who is fought in the Final Chapter.