Reaper Captain
Reaper captain

Series Find Mii
First game Find Mii II
Species Reaper
Related Species Reaper Cadet

Reaper Commander
Reaper General

Reaper Captain is an enemy from Find Mii 2. It has 45 HP and is first seen in the Castle of Darkness in the normal quest of Find Mii 2.


  • Reaper Captain uses Barrier gas which nullifies all magic attacks.
    • This can be removed with a Dispelling Draft from the poition service.
  • It is weak to White Magic, like all other reapers


Find Mii 2

  • Castle of Darkness - Throne Room, with one Armored Demon, room is ablaze.

Find Mii 2 Secret Quest

  • Dolorous Deepwood - North
  • Dolorous Deepwood - South, with Armored Ghost
  • Forest of Sorrow - Exit, with Armored Demon, room is filled with venomous gas.
  • Castle of Darkness - Courtyard, with one Marauding Mummy, room is icy.


  • The Reaper Captain is weaker than the Reaper Commander despite captain being a higher rank than commander in the coast guard and navy.