Red Spiked beetle
Red Spike Buzzies (or sometimes R. S. Buzzies or Red Spike Top Buzzies) are Spike Tops in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Normals are blue instead of red in the game, but identical to the Red Spike Buzzies.


Mario can only jump on it when he's equipped with the Spike Shield.

Fire never works and a POW Block will flip it over.

Koops can use his Power Shell to knock it off in a hit.

Using Art Attack will make the characters finish the battle quickly. If Mario cannot use it, he can use the Earth Tremor.

A Hammer Spin will let it be sent flying and KO his enemies.


Health: 5

Attack: 3

Defense: 4

Other names in other languages

Aka Togemetto (meaning Red Spike Top in Japanese)

Picos Rouge (meaining a pun on "picot" (needle, spike); while "rouge" means "red" in French)

Roter Pickelkafer (meaning Red Pick Beetle in German)


In the older versions to the game, number of defense is incorrectly listed as "5", but in the PAL version, the error was corrected.