This is an interlude or sub-mission in Red Steel. It bridges the gap between the first two Acts.

The Mission

Having been injured at the airport, Scott Monroe returns to Tony Tanaka's store to explain what happened. Isao Sato tells Tony Tanaka to give Scott the Katana Giri, which has been hidden in the store's basement. After Tony gives a brief lesson to Scott in swordplay using Sato's style, Sato's dying wish was to have Scott rescue his daughter, Miyu.

After Sato dies, Scott flies to Japan and heads to Otori's Dojo in Tokyo. Otori is a long-time friend and loyal ally to Sato. When Scott reveals the Katana Giri, he is welcomed inside. Otori allows Scott to use the dojo as a place to train and rest whenever needed. And Otori's daughter Mariko agrees to train Scott in his sword skills.

Otori directs Scott to Harry's Club to find the answers he's looking for, since the club is a popular "hang out" for Yakuza types. Upon arrival at the club, Scott defeats the Yakuza that are roughing up Harry Tanner and his men. For that, Harry agrees to help Scott. One of Harry's men trains Scott in the use of guns and target practice. Later, Harry explains that his contacts informed him that Ryuichi's headquarters was at Sato Incorporated Waste Processing Plant in Tokyo Bay. So Scott heads to the processing plant.