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Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.

Relm Arrowny (リルム アローニィ Rirumu Arōnī) is a playable character in Final Fantasy VI. She lives in Thamasa with her grandfather Strago Magus. She is a talented artist and pictomancer, meaning she can make her paintings come to life. After a house fire in the village, Strago asked for the help of Terra Branford, Locke Cole to help him rescue Relm who was trapped in the house. Shadow then came and rescued the party who became cornered by the flames. Strago then joined the party, but refused to let Relm join. She followed the party at a distant anyway and proved herself to be an asset when she defeats Ultros with her drawing ability.

She forms a close bond with Shadow and even befriends his dog, Interceptor, that "eats strangers". It is hinted that Shadow is Relm's father, and only Relm and Shadow can equip the Memento Ring whose description says "Departed Mom's love protects against fatal magic attacks".

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