Remix 1 is the fifth rhythm minigame played in Rhythm Heaven, coming right after Fan Club. It is also the first of ten remixes in the game, as well as the easiest. Being a remix, it is basically just the four previous minigames all mixed together into one bigger game. Most of the minigame setups are different, though. For example, in the Fan Club parts of the remix, Pop Star's stage looks different than it does in the actual minigame. Remixes are usually considerably harder than the separate minigames by themselves.

The Remix starts out with some Glee Club, then switches back and forth between Built to Scale and Fan Club. Then it goes to Fillbots, and starts switching between all of the minigames. The whole thing is shorter than most other remixes. Getting an "OK" or "Superb" will let the player pass on to the next level.

How to Play

Playing consists of taking all skills from the past four games, and mixing them together. There is no difference in gameplay from the regular minigames except that the tempo might be a little faster.

Minigames Included

Parts of these minigames were included in this remix: