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The Repair Drone is a machine found in the Wii video game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and can be found in Sky Town. Like almost everything else found on Sky Town, the Repair Drone is not only defenseless, though actually cannot perform any attacks.

As its name suggests, it was created to repair any damages that have been made to the now abandoned city which once thrived with a peaceful species that were defeated by the effects of phazon and the Space Pirates.

Currently very few remain, but those that do still perform their programmed duties, even if it's useless. Though they pose no threat, Samus Aran can easily despose of them if she wishes by simply shooting at them.

The new and improved Repair Drone has the ability to hover in the air, which allows it to fix up high areas that are scattered in Sky Town. Because of this the manufacturing of the original Repair Drones was halted 150 years ago.

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