Reptile Rumble
Reptile Rumble (The Letter K, Donkey Kong Country)
Game Donkey Kong Country
World Kongo Jungle
Terrain Cavern
Animal Buddies N/A
Bonus levels 3
Notable features First cavern-related level in the game.
Ropey RampageReptile RumbleCoral Capers

Reptile Rumble is the third level in Donkey Kong Country and the third level in Kongo Jungle.


This level is the first cave level in Donkey Kong Country. This level doesn't feature many obstacles and hazards. This level however introduces a tire outside of Donkey Kong's Treehouse. The tire can be used to reach high areas that Donkey and Diddy can't reach themselves. The enemies here include bouncing blue Kritters, Zingers, and the newly introduced enemy, Slippa.

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