Retro Atari Classics
Retro Atari Classics
North American box art
Developer(s) Atari
Publisher(s) Atari
Platform(s) Nintendo DS platform icon
Genre(s) Arcade compilation

03ESRB - E  01PEGI 3  01CERO A  01USK 0  01Australian Classification Board - G

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Retro Atari Classics is a Nintendo DS video game released in 2005 by Atari. The game features ten classic Atari games such as Pong, Asteroids, Missile Command and more as well as remakes of each game that were designed by artists.


  • Pong
  • Breakout
  • Asteroids
  • Centipeide
  • Gravitar
  • Lunar Lander
  • Missile Command
  • Sprint
  • Tempest
  • Warlords