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RetroN 3 (Red Model)

RetroN 3.

The RetroN 3 is a Famiclone designed to replicate Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis games. The system is similar to the FC Twin and the FC3 Plus.


The RetroN 3 (pronounced either Retro N 3 or simply Retron 3) has three slots where games can be inserted. The Retron 3 is capable of playing Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis games. There is a knob, allowing players to change the game quickly with ease.

The console is also compatible with S-Video (with the exception of NES games), most notably with Genesis games. This function allows players to play with more smooth graphics.


The controllers are designed to resemble that of a Sega Genesis controller, though the button mapping is different. The controllers are wireless, and take two Triple AAA batteries. However, the controller uses infrared (much like the Wiimote), and must be pointed directly at the detector.

However, two of each standard controllers from each console can be plugged in. The system is compatible with all peripherals (e.g. NES Zapper, SNES Mouse, etc.), allowing the play of games such as Duck Hunt.


The console is compatible with all peripherals and almost all games. Their have been complaints about games such as Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse and Mario Paint not playing.Furthermore, some Genesis games will leave an error message "This game can only be played on the Sega Genesis console".

Save Battery

The internal save battery may or may not function correctly for some games.

List of glitches and oddities

  • Mario Paint is not compatible.
  • The NES cartridges may need slight shaking for them to play on the system.
  • NES is not compatible with the S-Video.
  • Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse is not compatible.
  • Several games (especially SNES games) have slight sound differences.

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