Rhythm Heaven is rhythm game series with several wacky mini-games developed by Nintendo SPD1 and published by Nintendo. Tsunku composes all the music and originally proposed the concept to Nintendo.


Game System Year of Release Tidbits
Rhythm Tengoku GBA 2006
Rhythm Tengoku Arcade Arcade 2007
Rhythm Heaven DS 2008JP/2009 First Rhythm Heaven localized
Rhythm Heaven Fever Wii 2011JP/2012
Rhythm Heaven Megamix 3DS 2015JP/2016 A Remix of the previous ones and new

Regular Mini-games

These games are mini-games that appear in every game

  • Karate Man
  • Polyrhythm/ Built to Scale

References in other Games & Media


Characters regularly appear in mini-games and cinematics of the games.

Game And Wario

The Chorus Kids appears in the opening cinematic. The Samurai from Samurai Slice appears in a mini-game in Gamer where he slices fish.

Smash Bros.

Sneaky Spirit appears in Smash Run. There are also trophies of Chorus Kids, Sneaky Spirit and Karate Joe in the 3DS version as well as the Wrestler and the trio from Fever in the Wii U version. On the Miiverse stage, there are a couple songs.